Where would life be without live music? That’s what we, at Retuned Jewelry, keep asking ourselves. As the pandemic continues to impact the live music industry, we want to do something to support those who have changed and inspired our lives in a wonderful, meaningful way. 

We’ve been working diligently this year on a concept to raise money by doing what we do best, make guitar string jewelry. That is why we started StringTogether. Our plan is to gather used guitar and bass strings from artists and bands. We will then make jewelry to auction here on stringtogether.org. 80% of all sales will go to MusiCares (www.grammy.com/musicares) and the National Independent Venue Association (www.nivassoc.org). The more strings we gather, the more money we can raise to help those who desperately need it during these challenging times.

So, how can you help?

·  First and foremost, if you are an artist, we need strings! If you have strings to donate and would like to be part of the auctions, awesome!

·  Second, reach out to your contacts (big and small) to see if they have strings they would donate. Then get their fans excited about buying jewelry made from those strings. Obviously, the bigger the artist/band, the more money we can raise. But we’re not picky. If they have a loyal fan base that would like a cool way to show off their fandom, we want their strings!

·  Ask them to pass on our mission and information to people they know. Then those people pass it on to people they know, and soon. Our success hinges on how many people we can reach!

·  Help spread our mission and/or share our posts on social media using the hashtag #StringTogether. Again, the more people we reach, the more money we can raise for the live music industry!

·  If you are a fan, share our mission and information with your favorite artists and bands. Tweet them. Hit them up on Instagram and Facebook. Snail mail them. Whatever it takes.

We are attempting a massive goal of raising $100,000 and the two of us can’t do it alone. We need you(and your contacts)! We need your help spreading of the word! Plus, feel free to share with us any ideas you feel could help us reach or exceed our goal. 

Please, please, please help us support the live music industry! Music has always been there when we needed it. Now we want to be there when it needs us.

- Christina and Ian Lacey